GVI in the news

GVI in the news

Our wide variety of volunteering, internship and online opportunities have been showcased in various international newspapers and magazines, including:

  • The Independent
  • The Times
  • The Observer
  • The Guardian
  • The Sunday Times Travel Magazine
  • The Scottish Sun
  • The Telegraph Traveller

“Volunteering can offer a great experience for the CV, as well as the chance to help a community. Before signing up to a specific project, potential volunteers should ask where their money is going (placements can be costly) and how past volunteers have made a difference.”


“Voluntourism is the newest travel fad making a comeback for young students looking to explore the world on a dime. Founded in 1998, GVI has organised more than 24,000 volunteers who have raised more than $30 million worth of direct financial support to philanthropic projects worldwide.”


Volunteer or work abroad.

“If you want to travel when you have finished your studies there are a number of schemes which allow you to get work experience too.

You may have to be 18 to do some of them but there are schemes that run for 15-17 year-olds such as GVI which last from two weeks up to one month.”


Expensive voluntourism trips “the least responsible”

The more expensive a volunteer tourism project, the less responsible it is, researchers have suggested.

“Without question, there are some great organisations that do some very good work in the third sector, and some terrible ones that probably should not be allowed to operate,” said Steve Gwenin, director of operations for GVI, a company offering volunteer programs.

Of course, there is also a wealth of organisations somewhere in-between, some with good intentions which at times they may realise, and some without such great intentions. Even those without great intentions sometimes do some great work, depending upon the staff and the volunteers that dedicate time to them.”