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Impact report

GVI’s impact reports highlight the work done across a global network of locally-led social development initiatives and conservation projects.


Cartago | Costa Rica

Working with local communities on education, childhood development and gender equality initiatives, our Costa Rican community hub is situated in Cartago.


Pokhara | Nepal

In Pokhara, Nepal, surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, our locally-led initiatives prioritise women’s empowerment, education and public health.


Nosy Be | Madagascar

On the island of Madagascar, participants learn and contribute to community development programs focused on women’s empowerment and education.


Kokrobite | Ghana

In the coastal town of Kokrobite, Ghana, our programs focus on education, healthcare, and women’s empowerment, as well as fostering gender equality.


Dawasamu | Fiji

At our community hub in Fiji, you’ll have the opportunity to explore, while contributing to childhood development, public health and water security initiatives.


Siem Reap | Cambodia

Travel to Cambodia where our programs focus on early childhood development, teaching English, women’s empowerment and health awareness.


Phang Nga | Thailand

In Phang Nga, on Thailand’s stunning Andaman coast, we work with local partners to improve access to education, healthcare and equal opportunities.


Under 18s

We offer a diverse range of award-winning volunteering expeditions specifically designed for young people aged 15–17, in some of the world’s most stunning locations.



Find out more about our acclaimed educational group volunteer programs specifically tailored for high school, university and corporate groups.