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Boost your career with virtual internships

Working and studying remotely has become a very convenient and effective option for many people over the last few years. By logging on virtually, you’re no longer required to commute to an office or campus, you have instant access to international opportunities and you save money in the process.

Joining a virtual internship is a practical way to get the work experience you need to boost your CV and land your dream job in community development.

What makes internships with GVI different, is that you’ll not just learn theory and do some admin. You’ll work on actual community development projects alongside award-winning organisations to solve real problems. We aim to match you as closely as possible with an organisation and tasks that align with your personal goals.

During your virtual internship, you could be writing lesson plans on sanitation that local teachers can use to educate children, or help create health and safety policies for community initiatives. You could also set up a fundraising campaign to buy educational resources for schools, or analyse data on access to public health in remote villages. 

One of the major benefits of doing a virtual internship with GVI is that it’s not a nine-to-five gig. Our programs are part-time and flexible – you can choose your own duration and pace to suit your personal schedule and goals.

GVI virtual internship types

We want to make sure that you work on projects that matter to you, and that will support your career journey. We’ve developed a targeted approach where you can choose a subject area as well as a project focus to ensure that your experience is relevant and valuable. 

Choose your virtual internship subject area

When you join our virtual internship program, you’ll first get the opportunity to choose a subject area in the community development subject that you are interested in most. These include:


Narrow down on a project focuses

After choosing your community development subject area, you’ll be offered a selection of practical project areas that you can work on during your virtual internship.

The focus areas that we offer would typically include:

  • operations and program management
  • data analysis and research
  • marketing, media and communications
  • fundraising
  • law, advocacy and policy.


Complete online courses in the process 

Aside from developing new skills and getting valuable practical experience during your virtual internship, you’ll also get the fantastic opportunity to complete online courses – all included in your program fees.

GVI’s online courses are endorsed by the University of Richmond and once you complete them, you’ll walk away with a certificate that you can add to your CV and LinkedIn profile.

The selection of online courses include:


Duration and structure

You have the freedom and flexibility to complete your virtual internship your way, at your own pace, from wherever.

To add structure to the program and keep you accountable, you’ll still have to attend meetings and coaching sessions at certain pre-organised times, but you can choose your duration and pace.

Virtual internship durations that you can choose from:

  • 40 hours
  • 80 hours
  • 120 hours 


Virtual internship pace options that you can choose from:

  • 5 hours per week
  • 10 hours per week


Who would benefit from virtual internships?

If you’re interested in starting, or advancing, your career in the community development or sustainability sectors, our virtual internships will add great depth to your personal and professional development.

Whether you’re already working as a social impact professional, fundraiser, social worker, advocate or sustainability expert – or if you’ve just started out – you’ll benefit from our virtual internship program.

Virtual internship program will benefit:

  • High school learners who want to do something useful with your summer break.
  • University or college students who want to get a taste of real project work.
  • Graduates who need practical experience to help you land a job or get accepted into postgraduate studies.
  • Adults who are considering changing your career, industry or focus area.


What are the benefits of doing virtual internships?

If you can’t travel to one of our GVI hubs in-person at the moment, it doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker. Virtual internships tick so many boxes, and have a lot of benefits in store that’ll help you get that purpose-driven job you’re dreaming of.

Here are some great reasons to join a virtual internship:

  • Get global experience in community development by working with international organisations, without paying for flights and visas.
  • Contribute to sustainable initiatives run by our partners, while also growing personally and professionally.
  • Try out a new specialisation area or career, without any risks involved.
  • Turn your theory into practice by working on real projects, solving real problems that are related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Walk away with online training certificates, references and tangible experience to boost your CV.
  • Get a real-life glimpse into the inner workings, culture and values of community organisations, governments and social enterprises.
  • Establish relationships with a network of sustainability industry professionals.
  • Become an effective online worker by using a range of digital tools.


Support and guidance

Our virtual internship programs are structured and organised, with a team of professionals guiding you along every step of the way.

Your virtual internship support includes:

  • Your own dedicated GVI virtual internship supervisor. 
  • Weekly online check-ins and briefing sessions.
  • Virtual meetings with your assigned partner organisations.
  • One-on-ones with an assigned GVI mentor.
  • Two career coaching sessions.
  • Monthly sustainability masterclasses by experts in the field.
  • Assistance with updating your CV.
  • Providing a LinkedIn reference to add to your profile.


Community development partners

During your virtual internship, GVI will connect you with one of our community development partners that run projects in different cities, towns and remote villages around the world. We always collaborate with locally-led partners in all our GVI hubs, and virtual internship follows the same approach to ensure sustainability.

Depending on your subject area and project focus, you’ll work closely with NGOs, governments, international organisations or schools that are active in your chosen field of interest. 

Some of our community development partners that you could be doing your virtual internship with:


4 subject areas to choose from


Global public health

Get real experience and behind-the-scenes insights into the day-to-day responsibilities of organisations focused on increasing access to public healthcare in underserved communities. Work alongside public health professionals to research, analyse and implement projects to address critical health concerns in a sustainable way.


Human rights and access to justice

Calling all activists and change-makers! If you feel compelled to learn more about the development of global judicial systems, and creating a more fair society – sign up to join our human rights and access to justice virtual internship. Work with international organisations to address critical humanitarian challenges.


Social economic development

Join our virtual internship in social economic development to create a career path in the ever-growing field of socio-economic empowerment. Help to set up micro-enterprises and micro-financing schemes to empower emerging entrepreneurs to be self-sufficient, and create employment opportunities in communities where joblessness is a great challenge.


Education for development

Partner with local governments, organisations and schools to support educational initiatives in vulnerable communities all over the world. Learn from experts and teachers, and see how education is the cornerstone to achieving several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Hear from our interns

Julia | Global Public Health

Rachel | Human Rights and Access to Justice...

George | Global Public Health...

Sahera | Global Public Health...

Camille | Global Public Health...

What you get

Endorsed certificate

Endorsed certificate

Endorsed certificate

Complete two online courses and earn a certificate from the University of Richmond.

A professional recommendation

A professional recommendation

Get a professional recommendation from your personal mentor that details your skills and accomplishments.

Masterclass lecture series

Masterclass lecture series

Attend an immersive masterclass lecture for each internship project, delivered by leading academics and local experts.

Real world projects

Real world projects

Complete a project that solves a problem for a real organisation and add it to your resume.

Personal mentorship

Personal mentorship

Receive support from your dedicated internship supervisor during weekly one-on-ones, and career coaching sessions from an external expert.

New, verifiable skills

New, verifiable skills

Learn new skills, relevant to an impact-focused profession, and apply them to real scenarios.

Up to
GBP 200
Get a GBP 200 grant towards
an in-country internship

Book and pay for your virtual internship program, and receive a GBP 200 grant towards an internship in any of our locations around the world.



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3 reviews


12 Nov, 2021
I really enjoyed my Global Public Health Virtual Internship with GVI. I got to interact and work with people all over the world, worked through great content in the online modules and I got to work with and learn from people doing real life work in my future career. Most importantly, during my internship I was able to complete 4 project briefs which has given me great insight into the public health world and as well as very valuable experience before I graduate from university.


27 Jul, 2021
I loved GVI's Virtual Internship Program. It was an unforgettable experience. Through the Virtual Internship Program, I was provided with so many opportunities, such as hearing about the career paths of successful figures in the Public Health fields through the masterclasses, talking to an international group of people about global issues through networking events, learning about a different country through the cultural immersion video, and working with an organization based in the Public Health field. Additionally, I had the chance to connect with many amazing people worldwide and gain insight into the Public Health field, which has inspired me to look for a career in this field. The project that I completed was challenging in the best way possible; it forced me to think outside of the box and learn from the experiences of others. This program is perfect for anyone interested in making international connections, loves volunteering, wants to learn about the world, wants to learn more about a specific job field, or is just interested in having an unforgettable opportunity.


24 May, 2021
The course is incredibly helpful. I feel that it has really set me up for a career in development - I've learnt about what is really important for development (that being the community itself) and how to engage with them; how to help them help themselves; and how important it is to curate a project for them. This module has really opened my eyes about and has motivated me to change the common perception 'charity work' - it should be treated similar to for-profits in order to succeed via taking risks with innovation. It feels satisfying to be apart of something that will soon revolutionise how we help those in need.
Includes courses in partnership with
Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies