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Living in poverty doesn’t mean you simply lack access to money. It also means you can’t access essential services such as food, water, healthcare and education. In addition, employment isn’t necessarily a solution. According to the United Nations, 8% of employed workers live in extreme poverty.

Even in some high-income nations, you’re only one unexpected event away from entering poverty. Getting out is challenging as the effects are self-reinforcing.

Fortunately, poverty has been significantly reduced in the past decades, but progress is slowing and there’s still much work to be done.

Activities that are effective in eradicating poverty vary according to local context. Some might seem more obvious, such as supporting those frequently left out of the economic system with growing successful businesses and earning more in-demand, high-paying skills. Others might seem less obvious, such as facilitating community food gardening programs.

We support local governments, organisations and community leaders with carrying out initiatives designed to improve the access of local individuals to a wide range of empowering services.

Our Current Initiatives

  • Business skills workshops in Ghana in collaboration with local communities

  • Computer skills workshops in South Africa in collaboration with local communities

  • Maths classes in Laos in collaboration with local Buddhist temple schools

  • Maternal, prenatal, infant and toddler health workshops in Fiji in collaboration with the Ministry of Health

  • Rainwater harvesting system construction in Fiji in collaboration with local communities

  • Community food gardening in South Africa


microenterprises and small businesses worked with us in 2018


community members participated in our skills training initiatives in 2018


people in host countries were funded by us to complete one of our programs

Where you can contribute

Help children grow and discover their full potential when you join us in Siem Reap to assist in improving the social and educational landscape.
Contribute to the education of the Buddhist monks and local children of Siem Reap while being immersed in the Cambodian culture and gaining hands-on teaching experience.
Experience a cultural fusion when you volunteer in South Asia on critical childcare initiatives
Make an impact and hike the Himalayas with other teen volunteers.
Volunteer on community construction and renovation projects in Nepal.
Teach English to children in Southern Thailand.
Improve health and well-being in the community of Ban Nam Khem in Southern Thailand through education.