Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Many people take for granted that they live in a country where everyday life is a peaceful experience. Although it is every human being’s right to live in a society where peace prevails, it is not a reality for many people.

Police and justice systems are affected by corruption and mismanagement, which costs governments in developing nations huge amounts of money each year.

Theft, bribery and corruption, in developing countries specifically, contribute to deficits of US$1.26 trillion per year.

In areas heavily affected by conflict, 28.5 million children leave school due to unsafe circumstances. SDG 16 aims to address all forms of organized crime, instances of violent crimes, child abuse, and all forms of exploitation.

In addition, it seeks to provide all people with identity documents by 2030, so that corruption and bribery can be eradicated, and national institutions can be strengthened, specifically those that regulate peace and justice.

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