No Poverty

Goal 1: No Poverty

Poverty is a widespread phenomenon, and part of the everyday reality of much of the developing world. It occurs in many different instances and manifests itself in the form of extreme famine, a lack of adequate housing and clothing, and poor access to education, sanitation and public health.

More than 20% of the developing population lives on less than £1 a day, which calculates to a total of less than £365 a year. Southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa are the two regions that are affected by poverty the worst. Poverty-stricken communities are sadly also often disregarded and treated with disrespect due to their socio-economic status.

The objective of SDG 1 is aimed to target the whole world and is focused on wiping out extreme poverty by 2030, i.e., to ensure that no one is living on less than £1 a day. It also aims to ensure that everyone has access to economic resources, education, sanitation and public health, and to protect all people from natural disasters.

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