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Madagascar Teaching English Internship

Start your career teaching English abroad on the tropical island of Nosy Be in Madagascar.

Durations:  4 - 24 weeks

Program information

Start working abroad as an English teacher. Travel to the only remaining rainforest on the island of Nosy Be. Here, you’ll gain experience teaching primary school learners in a formal setting and adult learners in an informal setting. During the course of your internship, you’ll learn about the challenges of education in rural locations and the importance of communication skills for achieving conservation goals.

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Program overview

Get started teaching English abroad. You’ll be based on the island of Nosy Be, right next to Lokobe National Park, the last rainforest left on the island. 

In the mornings, you’ll take a short walk to nearby rural communities to assist the local teachers with their primary school classes. You’ll work with them to prepare lesson plans and other resources to support the students in learning English and other subjects. In the evenings, you’ll work near our base to support Lokobe park rangers with conversational English classes.

This internship offers you the ability to gain experience in supporting a wide range of learners in a variety of settings. This means you’ll be able to learn a bunch of useful teaching skills. You can get involved in assisting established teachers, leading group classes and tutoring learners one-on-one.

Throughout your internship, you’ll be learning the Sakalava dialect of the local language, Malagasy. The country is historically and culturally complex and there will be opportunities to learn a little more about its diversity of distinct cultures. In addition, you’re welcome to visit the nearby rainforest and beach during your free time. Here, you’ll be able to spot critically endangered lemurs and sea turtles.


  • Gain experience teaching English as a second language abroad. 
  • Learn key skills for teaching primary school learners in a formal classroom setting. 
  • Find out how to adapt your teaching style to leading informal conversational English classes for adults. 
  • Improve your French language literacy and learn the Sakalava dialect of Malagasy
  • Wake every morning to the sounds of lemurs and other tropical wildlife in the nearby rainforest.

Program details

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GVI Africa, Madagascar, Nosy Be