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Teaching and Community Development Internship in South Africa

Assist with education projects in local townships in South Africa, while also gaining additional experience on a 3-month work placement.

Durations:  24 weeks

Program information

Gain valuable experience when you join a teaching and community development internship in South Africa’s famous city of Cape Town. Plan and deliver a range of educational lessons as well as leadership and teamwork skills, then apply it in educare centres and township schools to provide lower income household children with a quality education.

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Experience a shisa nyama

Visit Africa's largest art collection

Take a sunrise beach yoga class

Snorkel in a kelp forest

Paddle with endangered African penguins

Try a sunrise cold-water immersion

Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site Robben Island

Hike up Table Mountain

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Cheryl Martin

11 Oct, 2018
I came to Cape Town as an Intern in 2011 and I am still here. In fact, I now train and mentor the Interns. As an intern, I was impressed with enthusiasm of the staff and their desire to continually develop the projects. My project was to set up our Grade R site for volunteers. It’s been great to be able to see this project continue to develop since then. The Internship allowed me to have experiences in an entirely different situation than in my job as a teacher at home and one thing about working here…..every day is different! Although I have done leadership training and community projects in the past, I thought that doing such work in an entirely different context would broaden my experience. It certainly did that. On a personal level I have had the opportunity to travel, experience different cultures and live with people from a range of backgrounds and cultures. On a professional level I have had a complete career change. I came as an Intern and two years later I am still working here and am now the Project Manager of the Cape Town projects. I would definitely recommend an Internship as part of the volunteer experience. It provides an opportunity for Training and Development in leadership skills and you then have the opportunity to use the skills to develop your own project to help the local community. It’s such a satisfying experience on both a personal and professional level.

Karoline Risan

11 Sep, 2018
I have wanted to work and travel for a long time and I have always wanted to do it alone. GVI can provide you with a lot of information while you decide where you want to travel and what you want to do. You can travel for a short period or a long one, and I would definitely recommend the long one. If you want to work with children you need a certain time to get to know them and we all want to make a change in their lives. I choose the six months internship because I wanted to get to know the children and I was also tempted by how you get more responsibility as an intern. Perhaps you can be the one to develop the program, or come up with a great idea. Not only can you make a change, you can also develop as a person and create amazing memories. With GVI you pay in advance and you don’t have to worry about finding a roof over your head, getting food on your table or calling a cab to drive you to work. The staff is around at all times while you’re on project and they can answer your questions and support you. I never felt unsafe at our home or at the location we were working at. I felt safe and they helped me develop. I don’t regret my decision, choosing GVI one second, and I would do it again I went to Africa in 2009 with the school I studied at. We We only stayed in South Africa for four days, not nearly enough. I started studying again right after this trip, but I just wanted to go back. The reason why I choose GVI was because I wanted to travel alone and this seemed like a safe alternative. I choose South Africa because the country is rich on history and culture, and because I wasn’t even close to see the place last time I went. After waiting for more than three years to go back, nothing less than six months would be enough. I am educated as a social worker, so the teaching part is not in my field, but the community development is. I work with drug addicted teenagers here in Norway, but I’m not sure I will be working with these types of problems my whole life. This internship helped me gaining more skills as a person and as a social worker, the experience can also make me more interesting for other types of social work. I am also happier in my job now, because I am not as restless as I was before travelling again. I have some great memories and I will always want to go back. The internship has definitely helped me develop as a social worker and I now have more experience working with people. I now know how comfortable I am working in in another country and how easy I adapt to different cultures, something that is really important in my career.

Federica Brusca

25 Nov, 2013
I interned in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa, on the Community Development Project and it was the most eye-opening, intense and amazing time of my life! It may sound an exaggeration…but believe me, it’s not! The people you meet, the children you teach, the places you visit, the friendships you build…everything together makes this experience truly inspiring. It feels great talking and spreading the word about such a reliable organisation and, above all, the great experience I had!!