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Women’s Empowerment Short Term Internship In Cambodia

Work on increasing gender equality awareness in Cambodia while teaching English.

Durations:  4 - 12 weeks

Program information

Contribute toward United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, UN SDG #5, Gender Equality, by leading majority-female English classes, gender equality workshops, or research into the understanding of gender norms in the local community. When women’s earning power increases, it also benefits the economy as a whole, contributing to UN SDG #8, Decent Work and Economic Growth.

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Program overview

Teach English and promote women’s empowerment on this internship experience in Cambodia’s province of Siem Reap. In addition, you will be contributing to our core project of increasing access to English language education, which works towards UN SDG goal #4, Quality Education. This plays a significant role in increasing the local women’s access to education while improving their employment opportunities and quality of life.

You will also be contributing to UN SDG #17, Partnerships for the Goals, by working closely with our local partners to conduct English language lessons and gender equality work in the local community. Our program aims to sustainably equip these women with the necessary skills and tools to help reduce inequalities and increase education levels throughout the country in the long term. While working in collaboration with the local community you will gain valuable skills to develop yourself personally and professionally and improve your own future job prospects.


  • Contributing to gender equality in Cambodia.
  • Conducting your own research project, providing you with your own autonomy and responsibility to understand the community you live and work in.
  • Immersing yourself in Cambodian culture by watching a traditional dance show, visiting the circus or travelling to see the nearby floating markets on Tonle Sap lake.
  • Gaining experience in teaching English as a foreign language.
  • Learning the skills of teamwork, leadership, organisation and teaching – to name a few.

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